Diabic Powder


  • Controls Increased Blood & Urinary Sugar Levels .
  • Regulatiing The Sugar Metabolism Of The Body, 100% Genuine And Patented Ayurvedic Products.
  • Checking Over fatigue Excessive Thirst And Urination
  • Helps Regulate Glucose And Lipid Metabolism Prevents Triopathic Complications And Tones Function Of Kidneys -Eyes- Nerves, Acts As Cardio – Protective.
  • Believe In Healthy Living
  • Believe In Ayurveda And Us.


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Ingredients: Amla, Arjun, Chhal Harde , Bilagrbh kariyatu, Neem Paan, Aruni Karela, Jambubeej Daru, Harida Chitrakmool , Methi, Saptaragi, Kadambho.

Dose 2 Teaspoon Of The Powder Twice A Day Half An Hour Before Each Prinicipal Meal.

Size:60 Tab

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